my emulated amiga 4000

Handmade emulated amiga 4000

68060 8Mb Chip 1Gb FAST

hosted in a wonderfull X500 plus Case

ssd 128Gb, celeron G1620 2,7GHz, 8Gb RAM

autostarting from scratch on ubuntu server 16.04 in 20s (faster than my real A1200!)


Amiga OS 3.9 BB4

The video :

The tutorial :

emulate an amiga on ubuntu linux (light) with fs-uae

Other solutions for simple emulation :

Amikit 8 with Wine/WinUAE. I tried this years ago, it was the best emulation time I got, hope it is still with lovely last WinUAE versions. One said that today, FS-UAE is now a better choice… I haven’t had the time to try and confirm this.
Happiga on a raspberry pi (a french initiative to be used with the best low cost computer, what more do you need ?)

You can find advices in this blog for configuring your own emulated amiga on linux ubuntu :