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Winds aren’t enough

2016 Christmas gift to all amigans


listen all my sounds on my soundcloud profile, there :

Manifeste Rien 2002 (theatre)

theatre band where i used to make the sound background, sound effects and music. cold and sometimes heavy music with the warm voices of the actors, on poetic texts.

texts : Jérémy Beschon, voices/actors : Virginie Aimone & Franck Vrahides, compos/electronics : Jess the wet machine

More creations for “Compagnie Manifeste Rien” there.

debruyss 2012 (pop-rock)

cool rock band where i played drums and composed some electronics (see below) – here just drums.

Jean Mi : guitar, Zaz : voice, Jess the wet machine : drums/electronics, compo : Debruyss/Marty

More sounds from “Debruyss” there.

album : economia – complaintes cybernétiques 2008 (electronics)

free for listen and download. those pieces of music tell about an antropomorphic machine, that born, live, cry and die, and, by the way, tell about the nature of the world we are living in, this world that we made mechanical… like us.


triptych project : the machines and us 2011 (electronics)

a song that talks about the human nature. “entrusting” is about the blind confidence we give to all the machines we made to help us, machines that finally transform us in non-biological mechanics
everything (compos, sampling, guitar, recording, mastering) made by me.

Avec les doigts 2006 (experimental rock/electronics/metal)

this is an electro/metal experimentation, guitars : Dylan, electronics : Jess the wet machine

Live : DeGoreland 1997 (rock, french music)

live rock on a text of C. Buckowsky

compos : degoreland, texts : Hank (Buckowsky), voice : Jérémy Beschon, bass : Alain, guitar : Stéphane Glaviano, drums : Jess the wet machine

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