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This article is there to help you understanding how to install / update the last official IcAROS release : IcAROS 1.5.2 WIP5, what it is made of, what you have to expect of it, and some workarounds on some issues.

I am very happy to have downloaded it, and even if some stuffs don’t work like a charm, I’m aware of that : it is a VERY GREAT improvement, smooth and reactive.

Don’t forget : AROS is 100% open source, it means that you can participate, and it NEEDS your help !


What is IcAROS 1.5.2 WIP 5 ?


The “WIP” in the name means “Work In Progress”. This is the last official download available to users until the next official IcAROS release is made.

This is an improved version of IcAROS 1.5.2, because it uses the last abi-v0-ot branches of AROS i386 (see below). But in the same time, you shouldn’t mix the WIP5 files with the old and reinstall from scrash.

What it is made of ?

This version includes DOpus, and works on ABI-v0-ot core files of AROS i386.

ABI-V0-ot WTF is it ?

Usually, AROS counts 2 main development branches that are not binary compatible : ABI-v0 and ABI-v1.

ABI-v0 is the official core to use on your native installation, or you linux hosted. It is compatible with the programs released on AROS-ARCHIVES, and most of the time you would use it to update your installation (have a look to this article)

ABI-v1 is a more experimental branche of the development, that is not binary compatible with the rest of the programs we know in usual AROS distros. This is a development branch, where developers try stuffs, improve, break other stuffs… it is a “use it at your own risk” branch. From time to time, improvements from ABIv1 are “back ported” to ABI-v0, and include in it, so the world is happy to have a better core.

Now, we have the ABI-v0-ot (OT means “on trunck”), where deadwood is including (he works on this for one year now) all the best stuffs of ABIv1. This is the branch used by IcAROS 1.5.2 WIP5. This branch has been done to be 100% compatible with all the available programs. The last builds include the new, and very fast, tlsf memory manager.

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install dopus on regular IcAROS

Introduction :


Yepa, that’s fantastic : DOpus 5.9 has finally been released, 15 years after the 5.89.


That’s really fantastic, and I can hear the sounds of many people saying, I want it running on my IcAros !

There are two main ways to get DOpus running on IcAROS :

Install DOpus package on the official IcAROS, and update core files : this is what I do in this article

– or Install IcAROS 1.5.2 WIP5 : WIP5 tuto there.

Both ways have good and bad points :

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