mount an ISO file in IcAROS

So you have an ISO file and want to access it without having to burn a DVD ?

Here is what you have to do :

– copy the file (iso) to the drawer “AROS:Diskimages”

– rename it as Unit0

– add this into the file AROS:Devs/Mountlist

FileSystem = cdrom.handler
Device = fdsk.device
Unit           = 0
LowCyl         = 0
HighCyl        = 0
Surfaces       = 1
BlocksPerTrack = 1
DOSType        = 0x41434400
Activate       = 1

– open a shell window and type :

mount ISO:

In regular IcAROS, the device doesn’t show up in Wanderer, but you can access it using “ISO:” in a shell, or in DOpus.